Margit Kagerer

A native of Germany, I was introduced to the world of quilting and fiber art when I relocated with my husband to the United States. I have been a math teacher to 11th and 12th graders, but was unable to continue this profession.

My interest in geometry naturally led me to admire the patterns found in traditional quilts. Right from the beginning I created my own contemporary designs with geometric patterns. I was also inspired by the colors of my surrounding environment, especially the vibrant foliage in New England.

When we moved to Arizona, I was attracted by the brilliant colors and beauty of the desert. So I ''painted'' the dramatic Arizona scenery with fabric.

My hobby of making quilts is more than just a pleasant pastime. It is a way of expressing myself, using my sewing skills, teaching other quilters, and as a result of all of these, winning awards for my original quilts. Inspiration can come from many sources, and I feels that working with the different fabrics gives me a creative freedom, allowing me to ''transfer what I see into a picture or abstract design".

I am a member of the Mavericks, a contemporary art quilt group in Arizona.

Margit Kagerer